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What is LIMS? LIMS guide to becoming expert users of laboratory software

The LIMS guide is designed to fit all levels of users.

Fink & Partner GmbH is a German company for LIMS software development and officially published this all-in guide to answer technical questions for improved user experience. Prior knowledge of LIMS is not required.

lims-guide invest in the future

Invest in the future

The Digital Revolution, also known with other definitions such as Industry 4.0 and Fourth Industrial Revolution, laboratories worldwide have been looking for reliable and certified information about IT solutions that have the scope to improve, automize, and digitalize their workflows.

lims-guide work more efficient

Work more efficient

Therefore, in the international laboratory informatics scene, there has been an increasing demand for defining laboratory software to improve workflows, production, and productivity and reduce errors generated by defecting and “old-fashioned” systems such as MS Excel to safe time and money.

lims-guide work safely

Work with the highest security

The international informatics scene has been experiencing a lot of changes in the last few years. Laboratory informatics, in particular, is living rising requirements for upgraded quality and productivity and data security.

An All-in-One Guide plays a crucial role


Fink & Partner is a German company for LIMS software development and has been expanding its sophisticated know-how for almost 30 years and is aware of these needs. Due to upcoming technologies in laboratories, software solutions must be kept up to date. Customers often have similar questions when it comes to LIMS systems, due to the different tasks that may occur in a laboratory. Fink & Partner worked on the overview below to summarize common questions from the clients’ side.

LIMS Guide: author and purpose

Philip Mörke, Chief Executive Officer, worked on this LIMS guide, analyzing the upcoming requirements of the clientele of different applications fields. The starting point was to put together the essential technical aspects of LIMS to answer the question What is LIMS?. The guide answers the questions above and also others, such as “What are the best LIMS on the market?”.

Another aspect that was considered in creating the LIMS guide is the different requirements and necessities. Laboratories around the world are very different and have a multitude of various tasks. Therefore, [FP]-LIMS is designed to be flexible and customizable, from the functions but also from a pricing point of view. This is possible thanks to its open interfaces to measurement devices as well as its sophisticated software architecture. This LIMS guide is a technical “summary” concerning how to use LIMS and why using [FP]-LIMS.

Philip Mörke CEO Fink & Partner - lims-guide author
lims-guide [FP]-LIMS

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